Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chicken Tortilla Soup


It was brought to my attention that I was mistaken with the orgin of this soup.  Big thank you to Calissa Lazowicki for handing down this recipe and for clearing up that mistake.  Credit is due where it is earned.  And also thank you for sharing your post on Facebook and getting my blog more traffic.

The funniest part about this recipe is my husband doesn't like tomatoes but he LOVES this soup!  This soup is really that good! :)

2 15oz. cans of diced tomatoes (I use the kind with green chilies in them)
1 small can of diced chilies
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 soup can of water
2 cups of chicken broth               
1-2 boneless skinless chicken breast, diced and cooked
Shredded cheese
Flour tortillas, cut into small strips
tortilla chips

For the chicken part of this recipe, I dice up a chicken breast and cook it on medium heat in water.  No need adding oil or other fats to this recipe, save that for the toppings!

Place the first 6 ingredients in the crock pot and let simmer on low for 3-4 hours.  Mix a few times to break up the cream of chicken soup.

When ready to serve, place a handful of the flour tortilla strips in the bottom of your soup bowl.  Spoon soup into bowl, top with shredded cheese and mix.  Top with crumbled tortilla chips and serve!
cooking the chicken in water

stir well

flour tortilla strips

almost ready...

best. soup. ever!

On a side note, if you don't eat all your soup or tend to "over cheese" like me, you want to make sure you rinse out your bowl right away or soak in hot soapy water to break up the melted cheese stuck on the bottom of the bowl and spoon.  I rarely have this problem, but sometimes it just happens.



  1. This public blog was unfortunately brought to my attention because someone noticed the blatant lack of credit I was given for MY tortilla chicken soup recipe. While this is a great recipe that I do HIGHLY recommend, the author isn't truthful about the origin. *I* personally made her this soup and then handed down this recipe to her. This one did not come from "Nana Lew". In fact, my ex- mother-in-law has never even MADE this soup. Anyone who knows me and has ever scrapped with me or came to visit during the winter months knows this MY staple soup recipe. I came across a similar recipe and edited to my taste while making soup for co-workers at MU and that is how the recipe was born. By all means, please make and share the recipe! It's a great one that everyone should try at least once because it really is THAT GOOD. I'm just claiming a little credit for MY personal creation :)

  2. no problem, thanks for the credit :)
    shame i had to remind you though.
    take care.